Our Story

Prior to founding Ross Medical Care, Dr. Ross was an employed physician since finishing his residency in 2002.  He had a thriving obstetrics practice in addition to a very robust family medicine panel. Dr. Ross has long been recognized for his compassionate and excellent care of his patients.  However, as the demands of corporate medicine increased in the face of America’s healthcare crisis, Dr. Ross knew it was time to make a change.  It was time to practice medicine the way he envisioned it as a young boy, dreaming of making a difference in people’s lives.  Ross Medical Care’s doors opened in December of 2015, and we are proudly serving people in the Tulsa area, with a truly personal and customized approach to their healthcare.

Our Philosophy

The way healthcare is delivered has changed, and not for the better.  People are faced with increasing insurance premiums, with higher deductibles and less access to care than ever before.  Doctors are being told by insurance companies how to practice medicine.  Dr. Ross felt it was time to take control back and restore the patient-physician relationship as it was supposed to be…a direct primary care relationship model that eliminates the hassles and restrictions of insurance.  It was time to make caring for people more personalized with an emphasis on improved customer service.

Its the little things…

Because of our attention to customer service and our availability to our patients, some may refer to what we do as concierge medicine.  Our answer to this is that it is ideologically better and more affordable than concierge medicine.  All our patients enjoy our affordable monthly fees and have access to us any time of day.  RMC has a team of excellent providers, nurses, medical assistants, and lifestyle educators to serve you.  We offer a secure email option and an after hours urgent care triage line that is managed by our healthcare providers.  Since our patients are often very busy and on the go, we can often take care of needs over the phone, saving you a visit and keeping you out of the ER or Urgent Care as each specific scenario dictates.  We can accommodate patients same day or next day for clinic appointments.  The culture of RMC is to offer each person a personalized, patient-centered customer service experience.  We love what we do and we love caring for you.