Rise Above Your Genetics

If you read many of my posts, you’ll see a common theme. In a nutshell, it’s that we’re not sentenced to bad health because of our genes. We have a great deal of influence over our health by changing our environment, diet, and lifestyle.

For years, we thought that if you had “bad” genes you were fated to bad health and conditions. However, we have come to realize that there are things that are even more influential to our health than genetics—a range “above” our genes we call “epigenetics.” These influences control how our genes express themselves, or what we see in everyday life from our genes.

We learned that something was above our genes, helping control them, but I want to tell you about one experiment that should give you some hope, even if you’re having chronic issues with weight, energy levels, inflammation, diabetes, and more.

The mapping of the human genome opened the door to an interesting experiment with mice. Researchers discovered that certain B vitamins, including B6, B12, choline, folic acid, and betaine, had a gene “silencing” effect in some situations. They tested this on some mice specifically bred to be overweight, prone to diabetes, cancer, and early deaths.

What they discovered was nothing short of extraordinary. Mice who received these supplements while pregnant gave birth to mice that did not become overweight, get diabetes and cancer, and die early like their parents.

These mice were no different genetically—they were the same mice that should’ve died young from chronic illnesses. But instead, they lived healthier, longer lives.

What This Means for You and Me

I know we’re not mice, and we haven’t precisely been “bred” to get chronic diseases and die early. But the idea that we can alter what seems to be our genetic fate through a change in nutrition opens up some amazing possibilities.

You’ll frequently hear me preaching about the benefits of proper nutrition and supplements, and while I’ll concede that they aren’t magic bullets for preventing the chronic illnesses that plague us, simply knowing that we can change things is incredibly encouraging!

If people in your family have died young from chronic, preventable illnesses, this should give you a thrill of excitement that you don’t have to share that fate. If you are struggling right now with chronic illnesses, thinking life cannot get any better or that you’re destined to die young like your parents or grandparents, hope is knocking on your door. It’s saying that’s it not too late—that you don’t have to accept that for your future.

Health and wellness isn’t about finding the right combinations of drugs to stave off your problems, and I’ll admit it’s not just about finding the right supplements to replace your prescriptions, either. The solution isn’t about stopping symptoms; it’s about dealing with the underlying causes of what makes us sick.

You can take your future back by working with medical practitioners to discover what changes to your diet and lifestyle may have significant impact on your health. You can turn back the clock!

It’s never too late to start doing it right things for your body. It’s never too late to take a stand for your health by taking control of what you put in your body and how you treat it!